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Flavours and Sizes

Flavour is an important part of your cake

I can make pretty much any flavour you could want.
Below are my most popular flavours:

• Vanilla  • Chocolate • Lemon

• Raspberry & White Chocolate

• Baileys • Biscoff • Salted Caramel

• Chocolate Orange • Raspberry Ripple

• Strawberry • Red Velvet • Carrot

• Chocolate Cherry • Oreo • Almond

Portions & Sizes

This guide is a rough estimate of how many servings you can get from your cake. 

It is based on a 1″ x 2″ portion and all my cakes are 5″ tall as standard, which is 4 layers of sponge.

I have known customers to cut the portions in half height wise, so everyone gets 2 layers of sponge instead of 4 which means you get double the portions and can therefore get a smaller cake depending on your budget.