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First of all, 5 stars is not enough to give. I could rave about the Baking Fairy every time and give them 10 out of 10 by a mile! From the communication, the planning, the making of the products and the delivery, everything had been absolutely outstanding. We were very impressed with Heather’s efforts in everything she do, her technique and skills on the products we asked for have been spot on! Even the flavours are absolutely amazing! Heather’s attitude to this business is excellent.
I am a massive cake lover with a huge sweet tooth and I am also a perfectionist who are not afraid to criticise anything that I wouldn’t be happy about but with the Baking Fairy, it’s hard to find any faults at all!
We ordered a cake, some cupcakes and some biscuits from the Baking Fairy to celebrate the arrival of our new baby boy, Heather was happy to go along with the date we could provisionally book in but was also happy to change the date if the baby was going to be delayed. Everything went smoothly and the cakes arrived bang on time for us to use to celebrate our sons arrival and the announcement of his name. They have even gave us a congratulations card which was a very nice extra touch!
Thank you so much Baking Fairy, you have done an excellent job and we will definitely be using you again and again!